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Meet the Team

Students. Fighters. Doers.

Our tireless team is dedicated to advancing our mission at Students Protecting Education, where we tirelessly strive to empower fellow students in their quest for a diverse and equitable education. Amidst the burdens of academic workloads, we invest countless hours to champion students' rights. Through community engagement and advocacy, we empower students to amplify their voices, effecting positive change not only within our local communities but also beyond.

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Started: Nov 2022

Luke Lippitt

Co-Founder & Executive Director


Luke Lippitt is a student at Orchard Park High School in Buffalo, NY. He is currently serving as the Vice-President of the school and the Parliamentarian of student government. Luke passionately serves as a change maker in the world of student empowerment and enfranchisement and fights tirelessly every day to ensure every student has the opportunity to use their voices and to access the resources they need to be successful in our ever-changing society and educational landscape. He is a leader, also serving as a board member and representing his fellow peers and schools of District 12 for the New York State Council on Leadership and Student Activities.

Started: Nov 2022

Jillian Yarnes

Co-Founder & Director of Operations


Jillian Yarnes is a fierce advocate for equity and the equal access of education for all. She has been fighting for the rights of her peers to learn freely and making a change within her community for years. As both a dedicated community member and a student herself, Jillian embodies the spirit of empowerment. She understands the transformative power of education and believes that every individual deserves the opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive no matter what. Through her advocacy work, she seeks to inspire her fellow students to harness their voices and advocate for the issues that matter most to them.

Started: Jan 2024

Myles Lanier

Campaign Coordinator & Virginia Ambassador


Myles Lanier is a high school senior from Northern Virginia. He has always been passionate about serving his community through volunteering, education, and legislative advocacy. Myles has served in several positions advocating for his community. He currently serves as the Diversity Director of the High School Democrats of America (HSDA) as well as the Co-political Director of the Virginia Young Democrats Teen Caucus (VAYD Teens). He previously served on the HSDA Ethics Committee and the HSDA Campaigns Committee for the 2022 election cycle. Myles is also a student representative of his district's school board, and he serves in several leadership positions within his school. 

Started: Feb 2024

Drew Sora

Director of Outreach & Campaign Coordinator


Drew Sora is a junior in high school and he lives in Port Jefferson, New York. Working with local Suffolk County Legislators, New York State Assembly members, and the Lieutenant Governor of New York, Drew has always worked to make changes and advocate for youth across Suffolk County. He has also worked with local Brookhaven Town Council members and Port Jefferson Village trustees to create the Port Jefferson Youth Council to ensure student voices are always heard, acknowledged, and valued. Priding himself on helping to advocate and amplify youth voices around him, ultimately prompted Drew to get involved with Students Protecting Education to continue working on behalf of his peers on a much larger scale.

Started: Dec 2023

Sophia Starosielec

Social Media Coordinator


Sophia is a senior at Orchard Park High School and demonstrates exemplary leadership and involvement in various extracurricular activities, including her participation in SPE, student government, and the American Cancer Society. Her management of several social media accounts representing the online presence of multiple organizations showcases her organizational skills and passion for progress through the use of social media.

Started: March 2024

Jack Hoffman

Campaign Coordinator


Jack Hoffman is a student at Poland Central School in Poland, NY. Within his school community, Jack serves in leadership roles of his student council, his class, and multiple other clubs. Outside of his local environment, Jack is the president of NYS CLSA, a statewide leadership organization, representing his home district, District 8, and the whole state of New York with pride. Through it all, Jack is committed to creating an inclusive and safe educational space in every corner of the country, and strongly believes that students deserve the right to have a say in their own education.

Started: March 2024

Victoria Ogilvie

Graphic Designer


Victoria is a dedicated student at Lindenhurst High School, actively engaged in both her school and community. She serves on the boards of the Student Council, Class Council, and Lindy Cares, demonstrating her dedication to making a positive impact through community service and advocacy. Victoria is passionate about using art to influence society and opposes censorship of artwork and literature in classrooms, believing in the importance of freedom of expression and education. Her role as a representative for District 1 on the student board for NYSCLSA highlights her leadership skills and her eagerness to collaborate with peers to effect change on a broader scale.

Started: April 2024

Clara Weigel

Director of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion


Clara Weigel is a student at Orchard Park High School in Buffalo, NY. She is an active volleyball player and very involved in her community! She frequently volunteers with the Rural Outreach Center in East Aurora, NY and has honors achievements for National Honors Society, Spanish National Honors Society and Orchard Park High School Honor Roll. After moving from Washington State to New York– coming from a diverse background and being past member of her old high school’s Black Student Council– Clara has become a strong advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion, as she strives to influence the success of people of color. 

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