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Interested in being a Board Trustee?


The Board of Trustees plays a vital role in our organization, overseeing our operations and mission. They ensure we stay on track and provide guidance as professionals to our team, helping us fulfill our goals and serve our community.

Email with any questions!

What we look for in our Board Trustees

Commitment to Mission:

We seek individuals who demonstrate a passion for the organization's mission and values, and are deeply aligned with its goals and objectives.

Strategic Thinking:

Our ideal board trustees possess the ability to think critically and strategically about the organization's direction, and have the capacity to anticipate challenges and opportunities in the non-profit sector.

Diversity of Perspective:

As an organization that fights for the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion, we feel as if it is crucial to have a variety of perspectives and backgrounds represented on our board in order to be able to understand all voices in our communities.

Time and Resource Commitment:

We look for those who have availability to attend board meetings, committee meetings, and special events, and should be willing to commit time and resources to support the organization's mission.

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