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Proposition 3

Ex-Officio Student Member of the Board of Education

  • The student member is an official member of the Board of Education; however, the student will not have a vote, will not attend executive sessions, will not have access to confidential information or receive compensation of any form for participating in Board meetings.

  • The student member provides an informed student viewpoint to the Board of Education. 

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Why is this so important?

  • Orchard Park is behind MOST school districts in the area on this decision.

  • Districts who have student representatives on their board have seen great success in communication between the student body, student government, the board, and administration

  • Students deserve to have their voices heard in their own educational environment. This proposition especially gives students a place at the table to share thoughts and ideas.

  • Many decisions made by the board impact students, so students should have input on those decisions!



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