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A message from the founders...

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Students Protecting Education is an organization created in 2022 by students concerned with the advancement of political agendas within their school. We founded this group after a group of parents began asking the Orchard Park Central School and Hamburg District Board of Educations to ban many books pertaining to LGBTQIA+ topics and racism. After outrageously calling and referring to board members and librarians as pedophiles and groomers, we realized enough was enough. We created this organization in order to bring awareness to these issues that are increasingly occurring in schools nationwide. Recently, political and partisan-backed groups have been bringing in unnecessary and unwanted politics from the outside, into our schools. We are fed up with people and partisan groups bringing politics and opinions into schools that are meant to represent all, not just one group's values. Our mission is to bring awareness to these rising issues within our schools and to gain as much support for students rights to learn freely. If you are interested in joining the fight against special interests and political agendas in our public schools, become a member of Students Protecting Education today!


The Founders

Luke Lippitt, Jillian Yarnes, and Claire Kent



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