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March Update

Recently, at the SPE headquarters, we have been keeping busy with recruiting new team members, planning new events, and spreading the word around the nation. 

Jillian and Luke Speak on a Student Voices Panel 

Last week, Jillian and Luke attended their schools Superintendent’s Day where they spoke on a panel based around student voice and opportunity. Some of the topics Luke and Jill discussed included the benefits of technology for students, why student voices are important, and how teachers can better understand and include student voices! 

New Team Members Added

Earlier this month, and in February, Students Protecting Education welcomed two new team members! 

Myles Lanier is a senior in Virginia, and serves as our Campaign Coordinator and Virginia Ambassador. 

Drew Sora is a junior in Long Island and serves as our Director of Outreach and is also a Campaign Coordinator. Our campaigning team is working hard to create new opportunities for teens and young adults nationwide! More information is coming soon! 

To read more about Drew, Myles, and our team, you can visit

Working with Libraries Around the Nation 

Recently, Luke and Jillian have been working with local libraries to set up stations where kids and teens can enjoy things such as complimentary coloring supplies, coloring pages, and lists of books teens and kids can take if they are unsure what to read (TBR checklists). The goal is to introduce these young adults to the idea of book banning, and the negative effects through creativity, while also giving them the ability to create their own opinions and ideas. We hope to do this in libraries around the country! 

GLYS Youth Leadership Conference 

In April, Jillian and Luke will be attending the GLYS Youth Leadership Conference at Hamburg High School where they will be hosting a workshop on Youth Activism in our Community! Stay tuned for updates, and for resources to teach youth activism! 

New Positions Open

As we grow, we continue to open more and more positions to students from across the country. We currently have close to 10 open positions, from Fundraising and Campaign Coordinators to Graphic Designers! You can view open positions and apply at


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